Be a servant of truth. And you will no longer take praise or criticism personally.

The Sixth Wisdom of a Soul-Inspired Life is Giving.

Affirmation is: “I demonstrate care.”

Actions are: generous and selfless contribution.

Why be here, if not to serve?  This essential number six marks a significant maturity point.  After living congruent with the first five essentials, contribution becomes what matters most.  There is no other choice.  Self-importance strangles creativity and goodness.  Self-centeredness brings isolation and lack of fulfillment.  But self-love naturally advances as love towards others, and the causes you believe in.

There are two ways to get to giving.  The first is just do it and you’ll soon feel better about yourself.  The second is to feel better about yourself, and all you want to do is give.  And of course, you can explore a combination of both.

Giving is a life on purpose and a life on purpose simply put, brings joy.

Periodically I’ll update this page with nonprofits and projects that I believe are worth supporting.

Four young women from across the USA, are coming together to support a village in Tanzania with rain catchment systems.

“You have such a ‘joy’ full way of presenting. I just had to tell you how much I appreciate your style, focus and choice of material to present. I look forward to learning and getting more focused on my business expansion. Thank you again”

Donna Brinnenburg

Small Business Owner

“Hearing and seeing Joy speak about leadership was inspiring an uplifting. We need more women in leadership. She is a compelling advocate for us. I highly recommend her.”

Ariana Newcomer

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