Hello Courageous Creators,

It’s December… here are your monthly JOY LINKS to my favorite finds and tips in business, relationship and soul-inspired living.  Enjoy!  


Business Success

It’s that time again. I’m teaching It’s Your Business Online. We start Jan 31st and go for 8-weeks of power packed sessions.

Connecting with others who are launching a passion project, you’ll learn new skills, roll up your sleeves, and get to work. By March 21st you’ll have a living business plan – your road map to success.

The BEST NEWS is that even if you don’t live in Northern California, you can attend at the discounted nonprofit rate of $40 when you become a supporting member for $25. Really!  Only $65 for eight live teleconference classes, digital or print manual, online classroom with video modules and discussion board, plus business templates that help you achieve your dreams.


Ever thought about writing a book?  I know many of you who follow my e-news are creatives, coaches and professionals with wisdom to share. I recently signed a publishing contract with Jesse Krieger.  To get started, learn more about self-publishing, traditional publishing, and hybrid publishing with the link above.


Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix. This was the first relationship book I read. It’s a classic, and it comes with 12-weeks of experiences you can share with your partner. Kirk and I got great value out of the inquiries and activities.

Neil Sattin, host of the Relationship Alive Podcast, interviews Diana Richardson on Slow Sex. It’s all about awareness and connection with the one you love – presence.


Soul-Inspired Living

 Anything by Olivia Newton-John! Yes, I’m a fan (and friend.) My favorite album is Grace and Gratitude, which highlights spiritual healing with soulful singing and profound lyrics.

 Marci Shimoff is most known for her bestselling book, Happiness for No Reason.  She and Debra Poneman offer a year-long program for women on miracles. I met Marci this summer.  She is a sweet and wise woman. Check it out!


Monthly inSight:

My passion guides me. My heart speaks my desires. I’m listening.