life will present us with a multitude of ways to practice what we are learning. And circumstances will assist us in assessing what we have and have not integrated yet.

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Joy’s Story

At twenty-three I graduated with a liberal arts degree and a passion for art and farming. Reality hit! I found myself without clear direction and basically unprepared for employment. With no formal business knowledge I relied on innovative ideas and a positive mindset to guide me. After working hard (did I say really hard!) on a farm for a season, I met a craftswomen. I owe much of my business acumen to her. “Learning by doing” became my school of entrepreneurship. We doubled her company revenue within months. The direct and wholesale jewelry sales continued to grow as she empowered me to help her expand the business. We found success and learned along the way! Later I studied energy work and massage therapy, received a license, and opened a practice. Healing Hands in Scottsdale, AZ grew by word of mouth. My entrepreneurial spirit came alive as I pursued what I loved, and I continued to evolve over the years. I found needs and filled them (event planning, wellness product sales, and eventually training, coaching and teaching.) With a passionate commitment to quality and consistency, I became an avid student of business through practice, books and education. As an action-oriented creator, I blossomed and prospered on purpose. While I’ve experienced much grace, I have also faced some tough lessons and obstacles. Mis-takes and detours are the stories I can share with you to offer perspective.  What have I’ve gained on the entrepreneurial journey? Stamina.  Integrity.  Dedication.  Focus.  Compassion.  Even with the challenges, I’m still standing tall with a commitment to evolving my work along side of you. I meet talented, visionary individuals who want to focus on their craft while gaining the skills to succeed. It is my delight to help purposeful creators thrive in business, and on their personal well-being path.

Joy’s Bio

Joy Taylor brings a myriad of professional experience and heart to her training and consulting practice, which has a mission to empower and inspire purposeful success. She helps people understand the spirit of service while supporting entrepreneurs in the methodologies for implementing a project or business with excellence, creativity and intuition. An accomplished and engaging public speaker (endorsed in the top 1% in the U.S. via LinkedIn), the originator of Purposeful Success Programs, a college-level business teacher, management consultant and a wellness entrepreneur of twenty-years, she is a student of life and an example of her commitment to wellness and prosperity on purpose. Joy’s unique ability to see people’s highest potential gives her clients enhanced courage, respect and confidence. With her generous nature, she inspires the best in people and offers wisdom and a practical confidence to her programs. Her focus brings your visions to life. Her fifteen years of training and executive coaching experience include: developing and delivering curriculum in leadership and eco-social business, developing and delivering online education, authoring corporate training materials, publishing articles, extensive speaking, board retreat facilitation, emceeing, and appearing on numerous teleconference/radio programs.  

Other entrepreneurial pursuits and accomplishments include:

  • Real estate investing and developing eco-land projects in the Shasta Valley
  • Top earner and leadership award winner in wellness direct sales company
  • Contributing author of the best selling book, More Build it Big (Direct Selling Women’s Alliance)
  • Author of the forthcoming book, The Choice To Succeed: Align Your Work with Purpose and Prosper
  • Instructor for It’s Your Business, an entrepreneurial development course co-sponsored by Jefferson Economic Development Institute
  • Program management for regional economic development (online and live training programs)
  • Board member of The Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce
  • Adviser to the Business Department at College of the Siskiyous
  • Athletic pursuits such as summiting Mt. Shasta, swimming, skiing, biking and hiking

My purpose is to empower people to live a soul-inspired life, engage their intuition, act with courage and create a new world of caring.


Purposeful Success Values

Love – To be “love in action” by giving generously from compassion, inspiration and heart
Integrity – To be authentic, honest and transparent with self and others
Purpose – To choose service and contribution
Fun – To truly enjoy what I do, see the humor and laugh as much as possible
Evolution – To grow, learn and be open to the ever newness of life
Excellence – To produce quality and deliver effectively, precisely and deliberately
“You have such a ‘joy’ full way of presenting. I just had to tell you how much I appreciate your style, focus and choice of material to present. I look forward to learning and getting more focused on my business expansion. Thank you again” Donna Brinnenburg

Small Business Owner

“Joy recognizes that since each person is an individual; their road to success will be unique. She has a keen sense of a person’s strengths and challenges, and instinctively knows how to help each individual attain their highest potential. We have no doubt that her patient and insightful mentoring is the foundation for our business achievements.” Judi & Keith Heimpel

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