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Meeting amazing people like you, with brilliant ideas and kind hearts, inspires me. You want to do good for humanity, the planet and causes you believe in.  Right on!  But how?  Maybe I can help?  I love to encourage, empower and support individuals and groups in thriving as courageous creators. It is my delight to bring out the best in people while sharing what I am learning, too.

Welcome to this site, blog and growing community.  You’ll find free gifts, training events, coaching services, and products that focus on the topics of entrepreneurship, intimate relationships, and soul-inspired living.

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September Joy Links

Hello Courageous Creators, It’s SEPTEMBER …and I’m sending you my monthly JOY LINKS to some of my favorite finds or tips in the world of business, relationship and soul-inspired living.  Enjoy!  

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Managing Yourself in Time

One of my mentors, Bill Truby taught me, “We don’t need to learn time management because we simply can’t manage time.”  He said, “The reality is that there are twenty-four hours in a day.  But what we can manage is ourselves in time.” I’m all for personal empowerment. Take charge of your life, do what you intend, and achieve your highest potential. Learning to manage ourselves in time is essential for busy people.

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Soulful, Peaceful Solutions in Turbulent Times

With so much turmoil in the world, with tragedies in our cities, communities, and on the globe – mistrust, misfortune, mistakes – what’s a soulful, peaceful, forward-thinking person to do in these difficult times? Houston, discrimination, North Korea… When the world appears to be falling apart.  When conflict leads the news.  When our very future as humanity on the planet seems fated to environmental breakdown.  What’s a soulful, peaceful, forward-thinking person to think and believe?

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When I’m in front of a group, I hope that the audience feels their greatness and then takes steps towards inspired action. Over the years,  I’ve grown to enjoy public speaking, so much so that I offer “power presenting” workshops to help others get up and be brave.  See signature talks and training. Learn more...

My holistic coaching style can focus on intuitive business development, soul-inspired living or couples’ communication.  In other words, it’s flexible to fulfill your needs.  I’ve been coaching professionally since 2003, and on the fly (with friends) as long as I can remember.
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As a health practitioner and wellness entrepreneur of over 23 years, I only recommend conscious, mission-driven companies that offer the highest quality products with the purest standards. Have a look at the ones I support.
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